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James Reedy, Constructive Project Management, Ohio

$40,000-$90,000 New Revenue In 30 Days

COVID made it impossible to door knock, so we built a 100% automated inbound appointment-generating system where homeowners were calling James.

Erwin Serrano, Columbia Contracting, Virginia

50% Closing Rate & 3 Roofing Jobs in First 21 Days

Erwin and father were burned by many lead providers in the past, in fact they paid a supposedly credible marketing agency before working with us but the results were subpar. Once he started working with us, he closed his first lead & appointment within the first 24 hours of campaign going live.

Kody Higginbotham, Top Line Roofing & Renovations, Louisiana

3-5X ROI & Too Many Appointments First 21 Days

Kody from Top Line Roofing & Renovations was using 3 other so-called "lead providers" before us.

But after working with us made 3-10x his money back the first 7 days and cut off all other lead providers to double down on Chosen Contractors.

Brian Fuller, Panda Exteriors, Maryland & Deleware

800% ROI & 60% Closing Ratio In First 2 Weeks

Brian Fuller, the head of sales & marketing from Panda Exteriors, almost decided to go with another "competitor" of ours. However after showcasing that not only is our service better, superior, and more affordable, he took the leap of fate with us.

Fast forward just the first 14 days, and he reported his team has a 60% closing ratio and about to make 800% return on their investment with Chosen Contractors.

Ron, Jesse, & Juan, NRG Pros, Sacramento California

10X ROI Investment & $75,000 Closed In 1 Month

Ron & Jesse, the owners were sick and tired of lead providers that he started calling them "scams" but just after the first 14 days of working together, they closed $50,000 in jobs, and they now have $75,000-$100,000 closing months & allocated 50% of their advertising budget to Chosen Contractors.

They then trusted us to generate roofing, solar, windows, etc. leads & appointments for them as well as built them a brand new beautiful & highly converting website.

We're now partnering with each other for over 2 years now.

Meet The Chosen Contractors Team

Aaron Thomas

Head Janitor of Cleaning Up Your Marketing


Jamie Hill

Google Trained Wizard Behind the Curtain


So How Do We Help Your Roofing Business?

Listen To What Our Clients Have To Say...

"Most HONEST Marketing Co."

-Bill Zebrowski

American Quality Roof Repair, Orlando Florida

"6 Months Non-Stop Roofing Jobs"

-Mike Blair

Weatherseal Home Improvement,


"$50,000 Jobs In 2 Weeks"

-Ron, Jesse, & Juan

NRG Pros, Sacramento California

"Flooded With Jobs In 30 Days"

-John Machado

Umbrella Roofing, Texas

"Signed 2nd Location After First 7 Days Of Working Together"

-Art Barnes, Apal Roofing, North Carolina & Georgia

"7 Roofing Jobs & 22 Appointments In First 30 Days"

-Herbert Douglas

Herbert Shiflett Roofing, Georgia

"Honest & Affordable"

-Sarah Kirk, Total Home Construction, Colorado

$50,000 Roofing Jobs In 30 Days

-Miguel Guzman, Mikes Roofing LLC, New Mexico

"12 Roofing Jobs, 60% Closing Ratio"

-Eli Fernandez

Efer Contractors, New Jersey

"ROI In 1st Month"

-Frank, L&L Construction, Santa Clarita

Because you can't take leads to the bank

We have a fully built out lead nurturing system that allows us to maximize conversions and give you as many "at-bats" as possible.

Whether you decide to opt for appointments or just have us provide leads, we provide free access to our lead nurturing platform either way.

Text, email, call, and schedule appointments all from within our app. All on auto-pilot.


"Have been in the roofing business 10 years and have never seen qualified leads like Royston's team"

-James Reedy, Constructive Project Management, Ohio

2 Jobs Closed In First 2 Weeks

-Roger Preble, RogerTheRoofer, Dallas, Texas

2 Jobs Closed In First 2 Weeks

-Roger Preble, RogerTheRoofer, Dallas, Texas

"Probably close to if not over a year now... Roy has been a key player"

-Chris Futrell, Indemnity Roofing (Dallas) & Indemnity Roofing (Louisiana)

"$13,000 Jobs In First 3 Weeks"

-John Machado, Umbrella Roofing, Texas

"$10,000 Jobs In First 21 Days"

-Justin W, Parish Roofing Solutions, Texas

"Hiring 2 Salesmen After 2 Months Of Working Together"

-James Reedy, Constructive Project Management, Ohio

"$17,000 Jobs In 3 Weeks"

-Jeremy Thurman, Integrity Roofing & Solar, North Carolina

"You Are The Only Person I Trust...”

- Bill Zebrowski, American Quality Roof Repair Of Orlando Florida

"Another Happy Client Of Yours"

-Julio Adame, Adame Roofing, Texas

"7 Appointments 7 Days Straight" -Don Hoover, Hoover Roofing LLC, Maryland

"First Appointment In 24 Hours" - Julia Anderson, Action Hawaii Roofing, Hawaii

"Begging to buy homeowners reaching out via messaging your company as by-product of our marketing" -Oswald Baker, Half Price Roof, Ohio


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